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This is a collection of sources of hydroponics information and supplies. I’ve collected these from posts on Usenet and various email lists, with thanks to the individuals who provided the information. Remember, the people that make their money from selling hydroponic supplies often include valuable information as well, check out their sites even if you don’t think you’ll be buying from them! Since April 23, 2003, you are visitor number


General Hydroponics main page Besides their product information, there is a nutrient calculator and several FAQs
Growing Edge has a hydroponics section
Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes : tutorial by University of Arizona
Mineral Deficiencies in Tomatoes Color photos of tomato problems
Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses Australian magazine with some free online articles
Urban Agriculture Notes  news from Canada's Office of Urban Agriculture, lots of hydroponics news

Fora and BBSs

Hydroponics Society of America new forum as of March 2012


3R Lighting Oregon; also hydroponics and garden equipment and supplies
77Hydro Brick and mortar store in NJ
Biocontrols.com Colorado, mostly aeroponics and eco-friendly biopesticides
CropKing.com Ohio, mostly sells business systems
Cultivation Station 6 physical stores in Michigan, hydroponic and gardening supplies
Discount Hydroponics California
Foothill Hydroponics California, has many free educational brochures on site
Gold Coast Hydroponics south Florida
Green Coast Hydroponics California
Green Earth Florida, mostly greenhouse growing but also hydroponic supplies
Greentrees Hydroponics California, site includes a learning center
Grow Room A blog and two physical stores in New York - don't appear to be doing Internet sales as of 4/2012
GTG Hydroponics Vermont, has a customer forum
Hydroponics Online Possibly in Arizona; site includes a lot of info as well as hydroponics-related fora)
Nelson Pade Wisconsin, aquaponics supplies

Suppliers/Australia and New Zealand


Green Lights LED grow lights Llanfairpwchgwyngyll Anglesey North Wales

Still needs checking


Horizen Hydroponics Michigan
Home Harvest Garden Supply Online hydroponic systems and supplies
Hydrofarm hydroponics and grow lights
HydroMall hydroponic systems
Hydro-Tech Hydroponics grow lights
Hydroponic Gardens & Supply free shipping 3/04
Hydroponics Wholesale 800 637 0949
Interior Water Gardens: growing orchids in hydroculture
International Greenhouse Company (aka The Greenhouse Catalog)
Midwest Hydroponics hydroponic and organic gardening supplies
Sea of Green Urban Garden Systems
Simply Hydroponics and Organics Online home of Hydroponic University
Accent Hydroponics Sydney
Applied Hydroponics site hard to navigate & requires flash player
Autogrow Systems information files and product manuals available for download
Harford Greenhouses Christchurch City NZ
Hi Tech Hydroponics Dromana, Victoria
Milwaukee Meters Southport, Queensland
Nutriflo Hydroponic Systems West Gosford, NSW
NZ Hydroponics International Tauranga, NZ
Stocker Horticultural & Hydroponic Supplies Tirau, NZ
TPS Springwood, Queensland
21st Century Gardener Canada
AcidHydro UK
Growell Hydroponics UK Britain
Homegrown Hydroponics Canada
Quick Grow Canada Indoor Hydroponic Growing Chambers
Rambridge Wholesale Hydroponics Canada

Forever Spring Hydroponics UK - Clearance sale hydroponics store!
Homegrown Hydroponics

City Dweller’s Guide

National Gardening

Terra Viva Organics



Mayhill Press

Do you have a favorite site or forum of interest to hydroponics users? Feel free to email me through the link below and tell me about it. I'm glad to add it to this page!

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